Caddilac XLR-concept

Caddilac XLR-conceptCaddilac XLR-concept(4)Caddilac XLR-concept(4)(5)Caddilac XLR-conceptCaddilac XLR-concept(8)


Author : gogole User ID : 00062
Model : Caddilac XLR-concept Asset ID : 3M00302 Collection available : Yes
Format : max Version : 3.1 File size : 456.34KB


Type : Cars Geometry : Polygonal Polygons : 36531 Vertices :
Animated : No Textures : No Materials : Yes Jointed : No
Keywords : caddilac, XLR-concept, car, sedan, racing, sport, vehicle, transportation
Description :
Technical notes :
Price : US$59.00

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